We see things differently.

We’re adventurous, but adept. Streamlined, but strategic.
Independent, yet innovative.

DiD is a different kind of healthcare advertising agency,
so we’re able to adapt and respond to your needs faster.

Now, we see Billy Penn.

DiD is excited to announce the opening of our Philly office,
located on the 13th floor of the newly renovated Graham Building.

We hope our floor number brings us just as much luck as Billy has
to the sports teams of our city. Oh. Wait. We got this.

What we do

DiD is a professional and consumer advertising agency committed to helping people discover and experience great health and wellness brands. We build connections that drive results by finding new ways to link products to customers that other agencies miss. Because of our experience across all media, we’re able to determine the precise moment to engage the customer, and create emotional relationships using insight-driven, inspiring brand stories. In a rapidly changing healthcare space, we keep our approach agile and never forget the people our brands help.

Strategic planning

Our strategic experts formulate new ways to introduce your brand to customers at the right time and place.

Brand positioning

We give your brand a distinctive message that best connects the needs of your target audience to your brand promise.


We fully engage your customers across multiple media platforms in a thoughtful and compelling way.


Our creative professionals produce print, video, and digital pieces that you and your team can be proud of.

Who we are

Our history

In 2004, founding partners Rick Sannem and Peter Kenney had a vision—to establish a different kind of ad agency. One that made use of small, agile team structures to better meet our clients' advertising goals. One that gave experienced, innovative minds the opportunity to create original solutions for healthcare brands, and enjoy doing it. One known for maintaining long-term authentic relationships with those who work with us and for us.

DiD has come a long way since its start, but all the while, our core values have remained the same. We're dedicated, passionate, and committed to helping our clients tell the best story possible through unique, inspiring, and insight-driven work.

Our core values

Delight through service

Be agile in thinking and action

Work with passion, courage, and mutual respect

Hunger for personal excellence and improvement

Be authentic and humble

Never forget the people our brands help

Our culture

We're advertising enthusiasts, it's true—but we're also much more. We're philanthropists who are passionate about supporting causes in our local community. We're foodies who love donuts, company lunches, and trail mix. We're an agency that believes camaraderie between coworkers makes for better collaborations with clients.