Peter Kenney
Chief Inspiration Officer, Founding Partner

Peter Kenney founded DiD, along with Rick Sannem, with a clear vision – to create a health and wellness agency skilled in visual storytelling, but with the ability to execute efficiently for clients.

For Peter, this vision arose from his background in film and television. After an undergraduate degree from Yale, Peter earned an MFA in film from Columbia University. He worked for a decade in New York and Los Angeles as a writer and producer of television documentaries and interactive multimedia programs. After moving to Philadelphia, he shifted his talents to the pharmaceutical industry as a Creative Director on launch films, disease documentaries, and DTC advertising for Johnson & Johnson, Wyeth, Pfizer, and Merck, among others.

For almost 15 years, Peter has brought a filmmaker's eye to leading and growing client businesses at DiD. As a storyteller, he helps others uncover the narratives that engage customers. As a producer, he assists on finding the most skilled, appropriate resources to bring to a project. Even within the highly regulated language of healthcare, DiD's ability to break through to a customer's emotions has been one of the keys to our continued success.

Besides his work at DiD, Peter still produces documentaries and dramatic film and television. One of these projects, Joe's Violin, was nominated for the 2017 Oscar for Best Documentary Short Film.